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Ryan Auger graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Computer Engineering, began his career in Atlanta as a software engineer, and later served as a software product manager. Ryan’s technology-driven approach gives Redwood a competitive edge by enabling us to operate properties more cost effectively through the use of automation and a remote-first property management model, lease more quickly through industry-leading and proprietary lead generation funnels, and provide live customer support and rental options for tenants across our portfolio 7-days per week.

Since 2021, Redwood Storage has acquired 100k sqft of self-storage and 21k sqft of industrial, generating millions in equity value for our investors.

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In the Press

Ryan Auger and Redwood Storage were featured in a Wall Street Journal article in August 2023:

Auger said that with a few clicks he can send rent-increase notices to tenants. He recently boosted monthly revenue at one of the four facilities owned by his firm Redwood Storage to $35,000 from about $32,000 with little effect on occupancy.
He last acquired a storage property this spring. A cold caller Auger hired made 100 calls a day for three months before finding the interested seller near Huntsville, Ala. Auger spent another two months negotiating and closing the deal. Almost all the 22,000-square-feet was leased but only about half the tenants were paying. The facility’s phone rang unanswered. There was no website.
He said it took 48 hours to round up the $760,000 cash he needed to put toward the $1.2 million purchase price. Monthly revenue is now twice what the old owner was collecting and Auger estimates the property is worth $800,000 more than he paid. ‍

Link to Wall Street Journal Article

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